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Snap Out Of It!

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A collection of Madge Madigan's column "Snap Out Of It!" from Rochester Woman Magazine. Thought provoking laughs on every subject from holidays to social media to dining to breasts.

Dining With Dub

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WAFranklin was born august 2nd 1930. in Abilene Texas. The Great Depression was just in its infancy and about all the memories the people had were about thee Roaring Twenties and Bath Tub Gin. What they invisioned ahead were "Hard Times and Empty Bellies."

In the fall of 1933 the family moved to California. They lovate in Tulare County in about the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. There first home was an abandonded one room "Coke" shack and all they had to eat were wild mustard greens and skillet corn bread cooked over a camp fire. Their next home was in an abandoned chicken farm in the feed storage room.

W A was introduced to the cotten field when he turned 4 years old. Some one in the legislature of California liked children because a bill was passed that stated when you turn 5 you go to school and to make sure the Turant Officer was born to existence to makee sure the aboved happened.

When he turned 5 he had moved to the town of Lindsay into an abandoned grocery store. One day he and his Dad went across the street to get some ice from the ice house and he purposely kicked a dirty old rag that uncovered a hand full of coins. He showed what he had found to his Dad and saw it quickly dissapear in his pocket. Their was more money there than a days wages and would help a lot.

April 7th 1952 W. A. married his wife Helen and together they had three children and they gave them 8 grand children. He retired from the Post Office and decided to write his stories and recipes. The stories aree all true and have not been embellished or added too.

All About Sex

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As a foreigner to English shores, the Prince is confused by the complexities of sexual politics and sexual behaviour among the women and men of Britain, compared to the relatively simple sex encounters of his home in the islands of the Pacific. From the bewitching top-shelf adult magazines to adult erotica of an entirely different sort, the Prince discovers the formula by which pornography stimulates English men to action, and some of the more bizarre activities which a few crave to see. In letters home to his brother, he comments on gender differences as he understands them from his flatmate and friends. He describes in uninhibited detail the attractions and pleasures of sex encounters that seem so prevalent in English society, and the various forms of adult erotica that exist in the booming sexual service industry. The sexual behaviour of women and men and adult magazines has him curious, but his friend Monica, who says she is a feminist, tells him that the sexual politics of gender differences is far more complicated than it seems. Who should he believe? And what should he take back to the uncomplicated society of his homeland, where relationships between men and women are much more simple? The author, Trevor Harvey MA is a social scientist and art critic living in Sussex, England. His first book is social science fiction, anthropology in reverse, an alternative view on sexual politics which suggests some hope within the chaos of modern relations between men and women.


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Tapas Dining Out Restaurants Brisbane
Queensland Fine Dining BBQ Wild Game

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Tapas Dining Out Restaurants Brisbane
Queensland Fine Dining BBQ Wild Game

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