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A Daintree Diary - Tales From Travels To The Daintree Rainforest In Tropical North Queensland, Australia

RRP $45.99

Carl Portman, tarantula expert from the West Midlands travels to Queensland with two Sheilas in search of spiders and adventure. He finds both in this engaging and oddly heartwarming book. A must for anyone interested in the natural world. A glorious mix of arachnology and adventure, with a smattering of silly humour. Not to be missed!

Land Contracts In Queensland

RRP $135.00

Land Contracts in Queensland provides a thorough, user-friendly account of the law relating to buying and selling freehold land in Queensland. The authors analyze the substance of the transaction through the medium of standard contracts, and draw on a comprehensive range of court decisions relating to the area. There are chapters covering the role of the real estate agent, the disclosure regime for sellers and agents, the inclusion of special conditions, and stamp duty and GST implications. A lengthy chapter on the remedies available to parties upon default is also included. Notable amongst changes in the second edition are: New provisions in Property Agents and Motor Dealers' Act 2000 relating to formation of residential contracts both by paper copies and electronic means, and the giving of comparative price data to prospective buyers New provisions in Trade Practices Act 1974 allowing apportionment and contributory claims for misleading or deceptive conduct Incorporation of revised Asbestos Regulations Amendments to Real Estate Agents Codes of Conduct Extensive exposition on significant High Court decisions on time of the essence Incorporation of recent decisions in all chapters

Angels Of Sex In Queensland

RRP $13.99

The Queensland in the story is owned by the fish. It is located on an imaginary island in the Coral Sea, for its isolation. While the world grinds on, a meeting of the minds is convened to explore the path to wider freedoms to love, to live, to choose, to cherish, to heal the world, to reach beyond its tiny marriages, and to enrich them, to courageously seek greater happiness; a type of brainstorming for liberty, peace and joy. The novel is fantasy focused on science. It presents a daring attempt to do what has not been done for a long time, and to some degree, never. It explores the challenge to take the Principle of Universal Love to the grassroots of our social world, and not exclude sex, but to uplift it above depravity, above morality, even above its tallest image in Christianity, onto the lateral platform where we all stand side by side as human beings "clothed with the sun." The exploration is wide-ranging, though it all unfolds on a small island where leading-edge researchers come together from many parts of the world.


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Tapas Dining Out Restaurants Brisbane
Queensland Fine Dining BBQ Wild Game

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Tapas Dining Out Restaurants Brisbane
Queensland Fine Dining BBQ Wild Game

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