A New Career

If I were the one developing for video game ‘Over-Botch’, I like to think I’d do a better job of implementing new career paths. Sometimes I swear it must be one guy sitting in a room by himself while all the real development team has been pulled over to work on their precious Over-Botch League. So many viewers, such prestige, wow.

Meanwhile, what do we get? Nothing. Nothing for nobody, except we DO get stuff, except it’s a new career path once every three months, and with such a huge gap, if the career is something you have no interest in…well, it’s a total bummer. All that time, all that viral marketing.

Like, what even IS a buyers advocate? I’ve done some research, because I do research on all the new careers they add to the system in case it’s niche and I can become the very first expert (you get a gold pioneer star in your profile). Anyway, buyers advocates sound interesting enough, but I’m having trouble grasping what they do. Like…it’s sort of like being a real estate agent, but it’s a bit different. More…bespoke, if that word applies to this sort of thing. They work with fewer clients and only find really nice properties.

So…great. Look, I have a job, and a life; I can’t spend all day playing the game, and I’m not one of the many streamers. Present people with a job where you can look at high-end homes and help them to find the right one, and you work in an office where everything is white and you have a bowl of oranges on the desk like it’s a stock photo? People are going to be piling on this. In virtual Melbourne, buyers advocates are going to be the absolute toast of the town. That’s always what happens with niche, popular careers with stringent entry requirements.

At least until three months from now, when we get, like…dog hair-stylist, or something.