Fish in a Wig

What do you call a fish in a wig? That’s not even a joke; it’s a legitimate question. Why do I ask it? Because my housemate, bless his cotton socks, is an apprentice wig-maker, and just can’t get enough of completing these bizarre briefs sent to him by an acquaintance from the internet. The acquaintance …

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Trimming the Hedges

I wonder how much transferable skill there is from gardening to hairdressing? I know that sounds threatening, but I’m genuinely asking. I spent so many years trimming hedges that i reckon that if you took the shears out of my hand and gave me some much, much smaller shears, and set me loose on a …

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Curls All Gone

I swear people used to have curlier hair back in the day. At some point, people just stopped having curly hair in such great numbers, and the emo was born. Or…was the coming of the first emo such a momentous event that it forever shocked a great many people’s hair into being straight? All these …

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