Drain Intervention

Kids can cause havoc in the home. They break things, they make surfaces sticky and they just general lead to either mess or damage or at the worst of times, both. We love them though and we will one day miss wiping hand prints from the table and mopping tomato sauce from the floor. I can assure you one thing I will not miss is drain clearing. Melbourne is an excellent city to keep kids entertained but sometimes a home day is essential. That was my thinking last week when I decided we should all stay in and do some family DIY. I bought a flat pack toy storage system and thought it would be good to get all the kids involved. Bad idea mum.

The little ones decided it would be hilarious to empty a whole bunch of screws and nails down the kitchen sink, causing a major drain block. Now not only did we have a toy storage system we also had no functioning drain. Not the intended outcome of our fun day of building! I decided to continue on in the spirit of DIY and got as far as half unscrewing the U Bend before I realised this was a job for professionals. I quickly got hold of drainage contractors, Melbourne city isn’t too far from us out in the suburbs so they could arrive same day to solve the problem.

With no parts to assemble our toy shelving unit I sent the kids out to the garden and told them to occupy themselves while I dealt with their mess once again. It’ll be nice once they’re in school if only to have a few hours to clean up after their mess. Next time we want to spend the day together I think we’ll head for the beach. DIY can be a good family bonding activity except when it’s mishaps lead to a need for even more unplanned DIY. Give it up mums and dads, call in a pro!