Feeling the Music

My band has been recording a new album over the last few months. Right from the get-go, I told them I wanted it to be a concept album. I wanted it to be different, not the kind of thing you’d expect. I want to revolutionise the music industry. We’ve got the album name locked in. My drummer didn’t like “Buying and Selling” because he thought it was boring. But I’m the frontman, so he was overruled by my vote alone.

Our album is going to be about one man’s journey to buy a new house and sell his old one, hence the title. Brilliant, right? My favourite track so far is Conveyancing Lawyers, which is about the protagonist, Robbie, trying to find the perfect conveyancers to help sell his house. He journeys through several nearby suburbs, not settling for anything except the best. Eventually, he finds his dream team through a conveyancing firm near Brighton. It’s a long and arduous journey, but it finally pays off in the end. 

The album is based on a true story, which I’m sure you didn’t expect. My bandmates helped me sell my old house, and we used those same conveyancers, but they haven’t said anything about my inspiration, so I don’t think they have realised the similarities. I guess they think the concept is so genius and incredible that it couldn’t have been based on real life. After all, I did take some creative liberty with track 37, House of Gold, where Robbie finds out that his new home is built on top of a mostly-abandoned goldmine, full of riches and a dormant dragon. The next three tracks are all about stealing the gold without waking the dragon, and the chase that follows.

We’re almost halfway through recording, and I can’t wait until the full album is released. It’ll go triple-platinum in a day. Two at most. I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant when I say that this will be the greatest album in the world. But it’s true. Just you wait.

– Robbie R.