Glazier By Day…

It’s about time this city got itself some mysterious vigilantes. For years I’ve been restricted to just reading comics and watching poor-quality superhero television to sate my urge, but now Melbourne has a real vigilante urban legend of its very own. Right on!

Next step: find this person and become their sidekick. I just saw Z-Men: Narked Felix and I fully appreciate the importance of not being alone while you’re out there doing superhero things. If your glass balustrade dreams are shattered, after all, you may well become isolated. And narked. And then you won’t be fitting any balustrading because you’ve got yourself worked up into a world-destroying frenzy. So unfortunate.  

I’m thinking that glazing would be a great career for an undercover vigilante hero. You could fit glass balustrading by day, and leap around the rooftops by night, hurling glass knives that never actually seem to hurt anyone; they just get knocked down and lie very still. I could be… Glass Boy. Shatter Kid. Shard Ward. Fragment Lad!

Yep, so many great ideas. Of course, unlike the movie, we’ll have to be careful to show glaziers in a good light and not make them look like a bunch of snarky, narky, jerky jerks who don’t understand the main character or their struggles and don’t even try to empathise. No, we’ll be all respectful, praising commercial and residential glaziers, because they’re part of our origin story. Well, MY origin story. Traditionally, superheroes and their sidekicks have had more or less the same job in their mild-mannered alter-ego persona – even if that job is simply ‘being rich’ – but I suppose there’s room to branch when I find this mysterious girl. I can be a glass repair specialist Melbourne can rely on and she can… like, do her own thing, I guess. I’m all about that female empowerment, so the choice is hers… ha ha.

I am all about more strong female heroes.