Gotta Get Tinted!

Personally I am ALL about buying things when people tell me to buy them. This is why, after driving past that billboard on the way to work all of once, I’m ready to buy that thing. I know I have to drive forty minutes to work and the billboard is right at the end, but I got home tonight and found to my dismay that I’d forgotten the website to visit. So what was I supposed to do, except drive all the way back?

One round trip later that burned over an hour of my time and I’m totally ready to take advantage of (drum roll)… window tinting for commercial buildings. That’s going to be difficult, since I don’t actually work in an office. The billboard was from some group of doctors who all got together and decided to let people know about the dangers of being exposed to UV rays. They didn’t go into detail, but I got the vague sense that UV rays might be something scary, so I entered as many loaded terms into search engines as possible (‘UV RAYS CAUSE DISEASE’ and ‘SCARY EFFECTS OF UV RAYS’) and I got myself so worked up with all this information that now I just have to get office window tinting for offices in my area, even if I’m not working in them.

I mean, all of that info was just there on the internet, which means it must be true and that tinted windows are the only thing that can save us. That, and putting on sunscreen. And I guess you could always just have a desk that isn’t near a window, but then you wouldn’t be able to look out the window.

Turns out that a lot of the decorative glass installation companies near Melbourne also do window tinting, which is super helpful because I work at an ice-creamery and we have decorative window glass for days. I’ll follow the breadcrumb trail, first to decorative window glass, and then to comprehensive tinting solutions, and then…victory! Freedom! Slightly more insulated offices!

I haven’t been this excited about something since I signed up to constantly harass all of family and friends with packages of essential oils.