It’ll Be Quiet…

Ugh, the in-laws are always picking up on trends before us. Just another way in which they rub it in my face that their family is better than mine, I wasn’t good enough for their daughter, and they will always have more money than we do.

So now old Mr and Mrs Bennett are moving underwater. June came around to have dinner with us on Saturday night, and of course Harold couldn’t make it because “oh, he’s so busy talking to some of the best glass repair professionals in Melbourne, getting them on the speed-dial so that they can help out if we have any problems down there, not that we will!

That last part was her weird laugh, which she fortunately didn’t pass down to Jennifer. That’s really amazing, June. Tell me more about all the glaziers you’ve been talking to. You know, I can talk to glaziers as well; in fact, I had them round to do the balustrading. That is, the balustrading in our home, that we bought when you said we’d never be able to save up enough. Also, I call glaziers when I need them for a casual project. I don’t need to have my finger on the call button just in case the glass starts cracking around my underwater dome and I’m moments away from drowning. We’ve chosen to live on the land, Harold and June. It might not be jumping on the latest trend, but this isn’t like the time when you invited yourself over for Sunday lunch just so you could show off you new smartphones and spend the whole time talking about them. This is a way of life that I don’t think is healthy for us or the children, who will exist, just you wait. We have the stair balustrades, we’ll have the children, and all the while, we’ll be surrounded by delicious oxygen. Unlike you.