Peak Pick-Up

I’m all for the kids doing extra-curricular activities, but I do wish they choose things closer to this side of town. Driving through the CBD at 5:30pm on a Wednesday is no joke, although there is an ironic punchline, which is that Matilda doesn’t even appreciate it. Like, she loves her Brazilian jiu jitsu class, but she doesn’t get how much of a hassle it is to get there and back, and has started demanding that I pick her up earlier or later than usual, depending on her mood. When I try to explain to her that I can’t control exactly what time I get there, she gets all huffy.

Sigh. I suppose a 7 year-old can’t very well be expected to understand peak hour traffic, but isn’t she a bit young to be developing this kind of attitude? I thought that wasn’t supposed to hit til age 12. Still, I am doing what I can to take her demands into account in my traffic management plans. Within Melbourne, it’s often possible to estimate an arrival time with some degree of accuracy, but only if you remember to add 10-35 minutes to the ETA that your GPS says at the start of your trip. Add a bit of parental intuition to the mix, plus the good fortune of avoiding a labyrinthine car park design, and you get a reasonably accurate stab in the dark.

Of course, it all has to be balanced with picking up Marlon from indoor rock climbing, and that’s what makes it a real doozy of a pick-up. He’s been assigned as a stand-in for ‘climbing squad’, which is apparently a competitive sport (yay, more driving on the weekend), and this often causes his training to run over time. That, in turn, means I cop the brunt of the peak hour traffic on the way to get Matilda, and that’s where my fancy guesswork falls apart.