Personality Quiz

Given the choice of personal office furnishings, would you opt for (a) the most comfortable desk chair in the world, (b) complete control over glare and air conditioning, (c) a specialised working treadmill with a built-in laptop stand, or (d) a couch upholstered in teal velvet with matching bar cart? Your answer to this little quiz, I believe, says a lot about who you are as a person.

If you said (a), you’re a traditionalist. You may be a bit set in your ways, but why fix what’s worked for donkey’s years? Your way of doing things is solid, so you focus on fine-tuning it to the highest possible degree. Not afraid of hard work, you’re willing to knuckle down and do what needs to be done to ensure-long term success.

If your answer is (b), you’re a highly sensitive person. People might see you as a control freak, but it’s more that you prefer to take charge of your surroundings in order to manage your nervous system. At work, you’re the one who’s always grumbling about damaging UV rays in the break room. In your defense, there are plenty of office window tinting companies near Melbourne, so what’s with the hold up on addressing the issue?

If you’re a (c) person, you’re open to trying new things, and have a healthy appetite for a challenge without getting bogged down in one place. You have the ability to think on your feet, and perhaps that mysterious talent known as ‘the gift of the gab’. You prefer to be active in decision making processes, and enjoy variety in your routine.

Finally, (d) people are the aesthetes. You couldn’t give a toss about upholding tradition, installing UV-protective window tinting, or generating fast-paced change. You’re willing to go with the flow at work, as long the commercial decorative glass of your private office is matched to your imported carpet.

Next question: do you think the above is self-evident, or a bunch of complete claptrap? Your answer to that can provide further insights into your inner world…