Power Play

It’s funny seeing Billy trying to fit into the corporate world. On one hand, he’s a complete natural at it, with inbuilt assertiveness and a nose for when he’s being stitched up. On the other hand, he’s like a fish out of water when it comes to some of the more traditional (shall we say) characters in the picture.

Overall, for someone whose main gig is hydroponic farming and rainwater tracking, he’s getting on pretty well with the financial negotiations. I guess a razor-sharp sense of efficiency is something that translates across all kinds of activities. But he’s coming up against some resistance to his proposal of installing commercial solar. Brisbane is an ideal spot for it, obviously, so he has a pretty good case, but one of the guys at the investment firm is being really dismissive about it.

I have to say, I don’t quite get it either. I have to assume that the dude is testing us in some way. Maybe he wants to find out how much of our vision we’re willing to compromise under pressure, and thus how many financial corners can be cut. It’s true that they’re funding the app development, but still, they came after us. Everyone knows that rainwater collection tracking is about to explode in a big way, and we’ve got the technology to meet the demand.

I’m just hoping that Billy can hold it together with this guy until after the contract has been signed. If I can just convince him to stop pushing for the Tesla powerwall and LED upgrade, and instead focus on securing the go-ahead for basic rooftop solar, we might end up getting what we want. He just needs to have patience with the negotiation process.

Then again, maybe Billy has a point. What good is a state-of-the-art PV rig without battery storage and efficient lighting? Maybe I should let him do his hot-headed thing, and balance him out with my more level approach.