Such Green Discoveries

You know, I always wanted a brother or a sister. I knew that was never going to actually happen, because even MY very existence was loathed by my parents. I was clearly a mistake that they were doing their best to rectify by putting to work, so the idea that they would make such a grievous error twice was…well, unthinkable. Never going to happen.

Still, I could dream. Sometimes I’d ask my father if he’d use his mastery of robotics to make me a friend (I phrased it as ‘helper for my daily tasks, so as to improve efficiency’) but he would always yell that he was busy revolutionising the field of commercial solar installation in Brisbane and beyond, and he had no time to cater to my whims, and I could jolly well get all my tasks done with double the efficiency by myself or there would be severe punishment.

Father did NOT like his time to be wasted, that much was certain. I knew his solar panel installation work was very important, and my own work was very important, and Mother…well, I’m sure her long hours spent on the sofa, drinking wine and gazing at photos of herself years ago when she was young and free, was also very important. I was not one to judge, and just look at the world of today! Everyone is going mad for commercial solar, and the many benefits it brings. Power, especially green power, is the talk of the day, and I like to think my Father contributed with his discoveries.

I think, anyway. When he and Mother weren’t roaming the neighbourhood, sorting out the hoodlums with their gang, he was researching the advance of commercial solar panels near Sydney. Eventually he moved on to advanced robotics that run on solar power, and the rest is…well, not history. But if his research could be found, then perhaps history could remember more than his mysterious and tragic probably-murder.