View to a Shill

Ugh, I hate it when I’m trying to shill one thing, and then I get a sudden calling to shill something else that’s the complete opposite. I was hosting a Heel Extension party, because I’m a consultant for Hellion Heels for Honeys. They do heel extensions (‘for the girl who needs to be taller for whatever reason’) and I host parties for my friends and family where they can try out the product. Because I’m a consultant.

But I was taking a break and scrolling through Visage-Tome when I noticed someone saying ‘PLEASE SHARE!’ That’s my weakness, so I proceeded to read their story about how they had to go and get arch support insoles at a clinic down near Cheltenham because they bought some super cheap high-heeled shoes from a warehouse on the other side of town and they went to one party and they felt like they were walking on knives for the whole evening. Now they have serious foot problems, just from not wearing the right heels.

I couldn’t not share after I was asked to, so I had to go back to my Heel Extension party and tell them all about this thing I just heard, and…well, no one bought anything. I mean, fair enough…Hellion Heels for Honeys makes super cheap stuff and their stuff is known for breaking mid-stride, and it’s recommended by zero out of ten podiatrists and fashion gurus. Still, I was so close to making a bunch of hot sales, and the thing that stood in my way was…potentially sending everyone at my party to see the podiatrist, because of faulty heels.

Okay, I told myself I was never going to give up on selling for MLM companies, because they need people like me to sell. But I might be fairly close to my limit here. Maybe there are some foot specialists near Cheltenham that need me to shill for them, instead…? If I’m going to stop shilling for one place, I need to pick up another. You know how it is with quotas.