Our Story

Gather round.

Glass Jazz came about through an unexpected collaboration between Maxine Hestbridge-Bilson (best known for her work alongside Melvin Lee at the infamous Devil’s Mother) and respected jazz drummer Piccolo Watson. Initially connecting over the pursuit of rare Prince vinyl, the duo soon discovered a shared interest in creating a high-concept, imaginative nightlife venture.

From its early days in a studio rented from Watson’s brother, Jerry, to its current lodgings in the basement of the historic Blankins Department Store, Glass Jazz has built a reputation as Malconridge’s premier music lounge. A firm favourite of touring artists, local up-and-comers and discerning punters alike, the venue is built on an ethos of timeless conceptuality.

What’s in a name?

The moniker ‘Glass Jazz’ honours the history of its bar space, which was formerly used for storing the Finnish designer glassware sold in the homewares section of Blankins Department Store. As further acknowledgement of this history, the bar is lovingly stocked with a wide range of drinking vessels modelled after those found in an old stockroom (now employed as a green room and instrument lock-up for artists).