Strong Women Builders

I’m one of the only female builders in my area. I only know one other woman in the field but unfortunately we have very little contact due to the nature of the job. Both of us work full time in a male dominated industry, which is fantastic from what I can tell, as it seems that she thrives in it just as much as I do. 

I decided that as women, we should help each other out. I got in contact with her about four weeks ago, and proposed that we work on my home renovation project together. I would pay her for her work, and it would give the two of us a chance to bond and do something that few women have done before us. I’m hoping that if we work well together we could brainstorm ways to invite other women into our line of work, and create a long lasting legacy for future women builders. 

But, getting back to the point, she said yes and we are going to start my renovation at the beginning of next month. We will spend this month planning and gathering the relevant timber supplies. Near Cheltenham, where I am located, there are many different hardware stores that we are both very familiar with. We are definitely experienced enough to take on this job together, and I am feeling very confident after just one meeting with her. 

She’s actually even more impressive than I initially thought. It turns out that she’s also a qualified plumber, but chose to be a builder. She also very impressively knows her way around most hardware stores. Sandringham, Bentleigh, Bayside; it doesn’t matter to her where we go because she can somehow navigate her way through anything. 

Having the support of a strong woman (physically and mentally) whilst undergoing this renovation is going to be fantastic. I’m looking forward to achieving great things together.