Desk Manager

I know I’m not supposed to swear, but what the HECK. I actually had fun filling out this big old stupid questionnaire, because it actually seemed like I was going to get a result that aligned with my interests. Then we get them back and suddenly it looks like I’m locked into a life of being a hotel desk manager. Yeah, a ‘desk manager’. In other words, someone who works at the desk of a hotel and is given the title of ‘manager’ to shut them up.

Everyone else in the class gets things like pilot and anaesthetist, and here’s me stuck at desk forever. And not like a ‘boring but earning serious dollars’ desk, either. I’m pretty sure I won’t even get to sit down at this one.

This is why they need more accessible career coaching for students. We HAVE a careers office, but the last time I visited I was turned away after a few minutes with a pamphlet entitled Get a Job, Bob! It was basically just a bunch of cartoons about this little yellow blob man with legs, called, Bob, who…gets a job. And he learns things like filing his taxes and why office staplers shouldn’t be taken home. Not why I went into the careers office in the first place, so overall, a waste of time. But that’s a public school for you…I bet Mr Ryan was just hired because the government said they had to for three days a week or whatever, and they went for the easy hiring option. 

No, I want to talk to someone who actually does career counselling. Like, they got into it because they wanted to and not because it’s a government-mandated program. So, someone who gives real advice that doesn’t come from pamphlet. But that be how it is in Melbourne. Career counselling isn’t in school, because that would make too much sense. No, we just get stupid questionnaires instead.