No Techniques Inside!

So, um…anyone know a really good place for repairing glass? All my hopes and dreams just came true, but I also really need some very immediate glass repair. Melbourne would be preferable, and if they can’t do it in half an hour, I’ll also take recommendations for DIY repair kits. If they…actually exist.  

Okay, so I’ve been studying very hard under Master Tiger Sun for months now. He doesn’t admit many people into his martial arts lessons; you have to attend his Universal Awareness classes for a year, prove a connection to your spirit animal (mine’s a pterodactyl, which was a bit of a surprise, but okay) and then pass a bunch of other criteria. But we’ve been training for months doing tasks I thought were mundane. I finally lost my temper, shamefully forgetting everything that I’d learned in my meditation classes, but Master Tiger Sun did not become frustrated. 

He told me to use that rage, convert it into righteous fury, and bond that fury to the power of the mighty pterodactyl. And so, that was my very first use of the Pterodactyl Wing Scythe technique!

Unfortunately, I was utterly unused to the power I now wielded and tried the technique out again…striking my Dad’s glass office partition and shattering the whole thing, from across the room.

Perhaps I don’t deserve this kind of power, but more importantly, a DIY glass repair kit isn’t going to do it here. The glass at the point of impact was practically reduced to dust, with the rest of the panes a shattered mess. And now I understand why we have sturdy training dummies and a wide open dojo. Gah, I should’ve known this would happen from when my classmate Nina unleashed her Power-of-a-Hundred Centipede Stomp, shaking the dojo and knocking us all off our feet. 

Some quality companies for glass balustrading near Melbourne would be mint, especially if they work fast. Inner serenity is one thing, but there’s not going to much of that going around if Dad sees this.