Despise My Job

I’ve worked the same job for the past thirty years. It’s been an absolute slog and I have probably enjoyed about a day’s worth of work in total. To say I hate my job is an understatement. I get absolutely no pleasure from my work and I don’t see the point of the job I do. The only reason I’ve stayed in my job so long is because it’s steady work and I had a family to support. In another life, if I had the option to choose a simpler job that paid less, I would have taken it, but when you had four kids to support you have to do what you don’t want to do.

As of yesterday, our youngest daughter graduated from high school. That means I’m free. I no longer have to pay school fees and all my children are now either married or away at college. I can finally undergo a career change. Melbourne is a massive city and full of opportunities that I was never able to take, and now I’m going to take them. I’m going to work in a career that I actually enjoy. I have no idea what that will be as I’ve been so anti-work for thirty years now, but I know if it’s in a completely different direction to my current job, I will be ten-times happier. 

My wife is on-board with me changing my career, which is such a relief. She said we don’t need the extra money that my current job would bring in, as we were never used to having that money since it was always going to school fees. She is incredibly understanding and because of her, I’m going to visit a career consultant. Melbourne is a great place, but I really don’t want to work in the CBD. I’m hoping the career consultant can help me find a relaxing job near my home, so that I can spend more time doing what’s important to me… spending time with my incredible wife and in my garden.