Comforting Gas Heater

When my eldest daughter was in grade five, my family and I uprooted our life in Melbourne to move to Canberra for my husband’s new job. Moving four daughters, two dogs and ourselves to another state was a mammoth and at times, sad task, but we did it and have lived in Canberra ever since. When my husband died around eight years ago, we decided to stay in Canberra as my daughters had built their lives there. With my entire family and support over in Melbourne though, this was a difficult decision.

In times of great sadness, I found comfort by snuggling up to my gas heating. Canberra is a cold place at the best of times, but when your whole body feels cold from heartache, the comfort of a warm heater goes a long way. I’m not sure if you’ve ever gone through the heartache of losing your lifelong partner, but it can make your emotions irrational and explosive. I can’t even tell you how much I lost it when our heater broke. It felt like I was losing my husband all over again, and so I didn’t waste any time booking my heating repairs. Canberra technicians are efficient, thank goodness, and so the job was done quickly the next day. This didn’t stop me from breaking down into tears as soon as the technician left, but it did help me find the comfort and reassurance that I needed to get me through the day.

I can say now, on good authority, that I am doing a lot better than I was eight years ago. My daughters have all finished school, and my oldest has even finished university. They have thrived despite the pain losing their father put them through, and I am so thankful for it. I see a part of their father in each and every one of them, which gives me more comfort these days than my trusty gas heating.