Fussy Home Dreamer

I am so proud of my children. I always thought that four bundles of joy was too many and that no doubt at least two of them would let me down, but nope, I was proven wrong. I had a four out of four strike rate for all of my kids being absolute legends. They’re all in their twenties and thirties now, moved out and doing their own thing. My youngest just got married three months ago and is in the process of building her forever home with her wonderful husband. 

Two of my other children have already built their homes with one of the best building companies around the Mornington Peninsula area. Both their homes have a lovely design and were built with the best building materials. It’s obvious these houses will stand the test of time. I often see a lot of horror stories about new build properties starting to crumble, but I can tell that won’t happen to these homes. I’ve made sure my youngest goes with the same builders, as they were also an absolute delight to deal with.

My youngest daughter is quite particular in her taste. She was always like that, even from a young age. She could never just make do with anything. Everything always had to be just so. Heaven forbid if I ever tried to dress her in her sister’s hand-me-downs – it would unlock tantrum city! Even now when it comes to her home, she’s making sure she gets a luxury home builder. She was telling me she has a clear vision for her new home and wants to be sure that the builder can successfully capture the vision of hers. I’m confident they will. There’s no way my daughter is the only fussy home builder in all of the Mornington Peninsula.

I won’t lie, I do believe my daughter got her fussiness from me. I have tried to let go of my fussy tendencies as I’ve gotten older as being fussy doesn’t always get you what you want.