Uncertainty About The Future

Uncertainty is a terrible thing. Maybe others will disagree, but for me, someone who likes to plan things carefully, uncertainty makes me uncomfortable and not feel secure in my future path. I am facing uncertainty in both my private and professional life. Uncertainty is coming at me from every angle and it is stressful. 

Firstly, my boyfriend doesn’t know if he wants to live with me next year yet and is struggling to commit to me. This is obviously extremely hard and has made me feel like my life is up in the air and that I’m not good enough to want to settle down with. I am not a fan of feeling like this, but I can’t force him to live with me or he’ll resent me forever. I am powerless in this situation.

Secondly, I am considering a career change. I currently work in I.T. as I said before, but I’m considering becoming an NDIS provider in the Adelaide area. I think it would be a much more fulfilling job and I am seeking job satisfaction, which I’m not currently getting from my role in I.T. It’s sad that the career I spent years studying for and building is no longer what I want to do, but I guess that happens as people get older. My priorities have changed which is causing uncertainty in my life, but I am trying to ride the wave and control what I can and not stress about what I can’t. 

I will need to learn to deal with uncertainty if I am going to be a capable disability service provider. This will be a good test of my character and I look forward to the challenge. I hope that as time goes on I am able to learn to sit with my uncertainty and not let it consume me. Yes, I feel uncertain, but that is a natural part of life (or so I have heard).