Future Painter

When I grow up I want to be a painter. I don’t want to be a painter of the paintings in the museums, I want to be a painter that paints houses. I think they’re really cool. I’m ten and my mum and dad just bought me a paintbrush. I’ve painted all the different spots on the wall in my room. My parents haven’t seen the paint yet. I don’t think they will like it. 

I used to want to be an astronaut but I’ve decided I don’t want that anymore. Being a painter would be a lot cooler. I saw someone on the weekend doing a driveway painting. The man was really good at it. I wanted to ask him if I could help but my mum made me promise to never talk to strangers on my way home from getting the newspaper. I’m going to ask my mum if we can go to his house together so that I can ask to paint the driveway too. 

I only have a small paintbrush so it would probably take me one hundred and forty years to paint the whole driveway, but maybe I could paint my section and he could paint the rest. I think that would be cool. 

My parents said they are happy for me to be the best exterior painter Melbourne has to offer when I grow up. They’re going to take me to art classes. We will all learn to paint and then be a family of painters which is cool. I wonder if my dog could learn to paint too? I know dogs don’t do much but they are good at being trained to do things. I taught my dog to play dead. I think I could teach my dog to put her paws in the paint and help me. I think that would be fun.

In four years when I’m grown up, I am going to be a painter. I know I am going to be the best.