Freezing During Winter

Okay, so I’ve been feeling extremely guilty about how much I used my heater in autumn. I pretty much used my entire year’s allowance before winter even started and now listening to the news and everything, I can see how much of a negative impact that has made on the planet. Because of this, I’ve decided to indefinitely turn off my central heating. In Sydney people usually only have their heater on in winter, and so to even out my insane heater usage in the last few months, I can no longer use my heater in 2021.

I’m writing this post from the comfort and warmth of my bed. My bed is essentially the only place I can sit these days without feeling as if I’m going to get hypothermia. The rest of my house is just so cold now that we’re in the dead of winter, and I can’t function properly when I’m cold. So, other than when I’m cooking and eating meals, I now spend the majority of my life in bed. I also work from home so I’ve essentially turned my bed into an office and have figured out how to make it look like a desk when I’m on camera. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to stay warm and save the planet – that’s how I see it.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve recently found myself dreaming about installing a massive central ducted gas heating in Sydney so that the entire state is always warm in winter. The dream makes me laugh quite a bit. My subconscious is obviously telling me what it wants, but my brain and conscience are too invested in stopping global warming to give in to my deepest desires. I have to make up for using my heater during autumn or else I am a part of the problem. 

I’ve got to go and put my hands in my pockets now. I feel like my fingers are about to fall off.