Interstate Car Services

After six months of being unable to travel outside of Victoria, I am finally able to cross state borders again! Now let me preface this blog post by saying my travel restrictions weren’t based on any legal issues, I am an upstanding citizen. The reason I couldn’t travel interstate is because I have a habit of running away instead of facing my problems, so my family had an intervention to say that I needed to stay in the state until I had all my problems sorted out. Well, six months later, my affairs are in order and I’m allowed to go travelling again. I’m going to drive around Australia.

My first stop will be South Australia. I’ve only been to Adelaide a handful of times, and have never had the opportunity to drive around the entirety of the state. I want to go to the vineyards, beaches and explore the state as much as possible before moving on to Western Australia. Given the amount of driving I will be doing not only within the states themselves, but between states, I will make a booking in with a mechanic in Adelaide when I visit. It’s really important that I have my car in working order. I wouldn’t want to be driving the Nullarbor and then all of a sudden my car breaks down. What a nightmare that would be. So yeah, I’m being responsible and going to get my car checked very regularly.

I’ve already booked the mechanic for Adelaide. Seeing as it will be the start of my trip, I’ve just booked in for a regular, run-of-the-mill car service. Adelaide technicians seem very similar to the ones I’m used to in Melbourne, so I have a pretty good expectation of what I’ll be getting from the car service. From my understanding, the service will put me in a good position to drive to Western Australia without fear of a breakdown. 

I am so excited to get in my car and drive away, these next few months are going to be epic.