Car Fleet Servicing

I am responsible for the largest parade in Queensland, Australia. It is a massive task that takes six months to plan, five months to implement and one month to execute across the entire state. We are in the implementation phase, which is where all our planning is put to work to ensure everything runs smoothly. For the past three weeks, I have been spearheading the maintenance and coordination of the car fleets. This is a vital part of the parade, as the VIP’s and dancers travel across the country by car for the entirety of the parade. Across the next four days, over fifty cars will undergo fleet servicing.

This is something that we need to do quickly in the implementation stage, as our VIP’s and dancers must have adequate time to practice their routines and speeches, whilst travelling on a moving vehicle. It would also be very irresponsible of us to leave our fleet servicing to the last minute, as you never know when an issue is going to arise and derail our entire project. The sooner issues arise the better. No part of me wants one of our cars to break down the day of. 

As our headquarters is in Underwood, we source all our business locally. This led us to our current mechanic. Underwood is a suburb outside of Brisbane, which is the perfect location to design and develop a new parade each year. Our mechanic will travel with us for the entirety of the parade to ensure that if any mechanical problems arise, they will be looked after swiftly and professionally.

In two weeks time we will be releasing the theme of this year’s parade, and we are so excited. It is a little different to parades in the past, mostly because we as Queenslanders have had a very different year than years prior. I cannot wait to update you all very soon… stay tuned!