Kitchen Fashion Victims

I knew we shouldn’t have gone with those rose gold accents. I just knew it. When an interior decor trend blows up like that, it’s never going to last, and the poor fools that bought it will be saddled with fashion victim status until they can afford to redo their kitchen again. I informed Perry of this at the time, but he insisted that we had to have something special.

Here’s the deal: when somethings ‘on trend’, it’s not special. Give me something classic any day. Perry’s always been into toeing that line, and I guess it makes him fun to be around – he’s always plugged into what’s hot. Unfortunately, it also makes him a difficult partner in kitchen renovations. Melbourne renovators, can you relate?

Kitchens, in my view, are not the place for loud colour schemes or accoutrements. They should be all about the smart appliances, clever storage solutions and a warm ambience. These are hardly things that you’re likely to read about, several months after installing them, in a listicle entitled 5 Interior Trends That Are So Over.

Likewise, while I’m all for custom bathrooms, I feel strongly that they should be primarily functional. Yet there’s always this push towards styling them as some kind of boutique paradise for your inner diva. Fortunately for me, I was able to reign in Perry’s inner diva somewhat when we did ours, but that was only because we were a bit skint after the trip overseas. If it wasn’t for that, we’d have had a gold-accented spa tub that takes half an hour to fill.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the sense of fun and playfulness that Perry brings to our home. I’d just like it more if he’d keep it to the less permanent aspects of the place, like furniture and light fixtures. If something is being built into the house, it needs to be approached through a more classic lens.