Best Bathroom Design

I’m a young professional, a bit younger than your average, and I’m looking to buy myself an apartment. Because of unfortunate circumstances at home, I don’t think I can live here with my family much longer. I would have to move out a bit sooner than I originally planned, but that’s fine. Life is unpredictable …

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The Drip

I think I’m going insane. All I can hear is the constant drip of my ensuite’s shower. It goes all night and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I’ve tried duct taping the shower’s head, replacing it, removing it. It stops for a minute, but as soon as I leave the room that …

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Question the Bathroom

Have you ever stopped to really think about bathrooms? Like, really questioned the prevailing standards of how bathrooms are designed? I’m of the belief that not too many people have done that, because if they had, there’d probably be more options on the market.  I mean, almost every bathroom I’ve come across in this part …

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