The Fleet Departs

I, for one, feel safer around the docks now. The Fleet had been hanging around the Melbourne bay for weeks, which I guess they can do, legally, but it made everyone nervous. They do not like us, apparently because we live on the land and that makes us inferior.

When I heard that some of them had been running around Melbourne by night burning cars I wasn’t too surprised, but now they’ve been apprehended, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. At least someone cares about serious vandalism, even if I’m not totally convinced that some girl in a cloak took down the whole group single-handed. Might be a bit of exaggeration there.

Now at least we can get back to debating the best place to buy stainless steel snapper racks without having to look over our shoulders.

You know, you’d think those Fleet people would at least appreciate the dock workers. The golden age of sailing may be long over, but we’re the ones doing all the marine fabrication, making sure people do still sail and go fishing and generally use boats. But nope – a few worker’s cars down at the docks were set on fire as well. Blatantly disrespectful, much? I guess they see us as all the same. Just a bunch of Terra Firma losers.

Well, they’re gone now. Turns out they were in breach of an agreement with the coastguard and that doesn’t surprise me either. They left pretty quickly after that, or maybe it was the butt-kicking they got from the vigilante group (and yes, there had to be a group, because one person doesn’t beat seven guys).

Good riddance. Having them floating around the ocean is just like a bunch of hooligans smoking outside a shopping centre, making it so that no one wants to go inside. Ironically, despite being all about the ocean, they were keeping people away from it. Turns out their mission wasn’t so ‘pure’ after all. Hope none of them come back expecting us to fit snapper racks or bait boards or whatever else.

They can go back to creepily floating near Sydney, or preferably much further out. Like, in the middle of the pacific.