The Prime Victory


I feel like we’ve been here before, but Week of Our Lives seems to have so many episodes centered around cars that I find it hard to keep up with all of them. There are literally thousands of episodes now, so I can’t be expected to remember all those summaries! That’s what the archive section of the forums is all about, although be careful. It’s quite the rabbit hole if you let yourself fall in too deep.

So, cars. This time they really did something quite different by having a bottle episode set at a car fair. Not a convincing car fair, by any means. I think all the people who were supposed to be Ringwood auto mechanics in the background might have been mannequins being moved by strings, and all the cars were just cardboard cutouts according to the girls on the forums. Didn’t actually notice myself, but why would you be looking at that stuff when this was the day when Annaliese finally decided to propose…to herself!

Yes, Annaliese came to the car fair because her split personality is super into roadworthy checks and tyre replacement. However, while there, she and her split personality had a big falling out over whether a VicRoads check is better than one you’d find in South Australia. It was their biggest ever fight, and as a result, Annaliese pulled out the ring she was going to use to propose and used it on…herself. That is, she proposed to her real self, her prime personality, in an act of self-care and self-affirmation so very great that her split personality vanished entirely.

Wow. In terms of accurately representing mental health on-screen, I’m thinking this one won’t be counted as a win. But if you’re looking for quality vehicle inspections near Ringwood, it was a rousing endorsement of their services, because Annaliese Prime was in favour of Victorian RWCs and she pretty handily won that argument.

She won so hard that the opposing side ceased existing entirely. And now we’re awaiting the sounds of wedding bells!