The Western Lands?

The West isn’t quite as nasty as I was told, but I still vastly prefer the eastern suburbs. We just do things RIGHT here, you know? here, the dumpling restaurants are plenty, the postage services are swift, and the shopping centres flow like rain. From my scant research, they have practically no shopping centres, I couldn’t find a single real dumpling restaurant, and the jury is out on the postage but I imagine it’s just a bit slower because the vans have to drive on all those silly potholes which probably exist.

That said, I’d heard power outages were common, and I haven’t noticed any during my stay thus far. I have no doubt that an electrician in the eastern suburbs is much better than their counterparts of course: better-equipped, faster in response time, possessing greater training, and only hiring people who pass a basic handsomeness/beauty test, so that their visages do not offend the clientele. We have more beautiful people in the east…that much is certainly true.

But the electricity, here in the western suburbs? It’s fine. I mean…I haven’t been here long enough to definitively say that it’s equal, and I seriously doubt that it’s better, but this isn’t quite the haven of degeneracy I was led to believe. Why, a few decent dumpling shops, maybe a shopping centre called ‘Wester-Land’, and the place could be perfectly adequate, even if the commercial electricians may have to be shipped in from the east to make it work. It’s not that I don’t think that people here could be electricians, but…well, it’s going to take them a while to catch up to OUR ways.

But don’t we in the east, with all our resources and blessings, have a responsibility to help our neighbours? Especially when they are making such a valiant effort to be liveable. They’re certainly not as far from habitable as I thought.