Cue the heating

I hadn’t done anything nice for myself in a very long time. I was trying to save up money for the wedding and had been limiting my spending.  My hair was looking limp and lifeless, my tan was basically non-existent and my eyebrows were out of control. I did not feel like an attractive girl, or even a woman at all for that matter. I had become some lazy beast.  I wanted to do something nice for myself before the wedding rehearsals. I decided it was long due to head down to the local nail salon and have my nails done. I needed something to make me feel like a lady again. As I walked to the shop I thought about which colour I wanted to have my nails painted this time. It was always hard choosing nail colours, because it had to match every outfit you owned. I got to the nail salon and was seated right away, I didn’t even have to wait!

Did I mention that walking into the nail salon was like walking into an industrial freezer? The woman who was doing my nails had told me that the central heating had stopped working. I was starting to get goosebumps all over the place. The lady told me not to worry and that they had called for a heating service. Melbourne had been extremely icy lately, with Winter in full swing.

I was told someone would arrive shortly to fix the heating system. I didn’t mind all that much, I had always enjoyed the cold, I just didn’t like the shivering. The woman started painting my nails a bright flame orange colour, fitting if you ask me. I relaxed into the chair and let my mind wander. There was something incredibly relaxing about someone else playing with my hands. I was brought back to reality when I heard two determined looking men walk in. It was odd hearing manly voices in a nail salon. It was the team they had been expecting to conduct the heating repairs. Melbourne repair companies are incredibly fast, I’ll give them that.  I watched the woman walk the crew out the back and hoped she would be return soon to finish my nails.

I was essentially stuck to the leather chair due to the cold. Also because no fresh air was being vented in through heating, the smell of the acrylic was starting to spin me out. I felt a little faint until the air started to blow again. When I left the salon I had a very nice walk through the park on the way home with my flame orange nails. I had to remember to get my nails done this colour before the wedding. It’ll go nicely with my white dress.