Travel Troubles

Imagine this. You live in Prahran, and you’ve got a date with your girlfriend in forty minutes. She lives in Hawthorn, and you know there’s going to be trouble if you’re late. She’s a punctual girl. You learned that the hard way when you got to the cinema at 7:00 for a 7:01 movie, and she’d already been there for an hour. Big mistake. So, you’ve got forty minutes to be there. You could take the tram, which would take half an hour, but the catch is, the next tram is in ten minutes. That’s probably cutting it a bit fine. Alternatively, you could drive, and you’d be there to pick her up in fifteen minutes. You’re going to drive, obviously. Your fate is in your own control, for the most part. The fifteen-minute drive leaves another twenty-five minutes for traffic, and maybe you’ll even get there a little early, and she’ll be even happier. It’s the logical choice.

Wrong. You get five minutes through the drive when you start hearing funny noises from the engine. This is something you didn’t expect. You took it to a car service shop near Prahran just the other day! The issue doesn’t seem too bad, but is it worth the risk of a breakdown? Maybe you should take the car back to the shop and get them to check it out. On the other hand, you could risk it, and hope the car holds out. Besides, there’s that car mechanic within Hawthorn that your girlfriend is always talking about. That seems like the better option, so you go to pick her up for the date. Thankfully it makes it all the way, and when she asks about the funny noise, you let her decide if you should keep driving it. That way, if the car breaks down on the way to the restaurant, it’s not entirely your fault.