Work ute modifications

If you want to work right out of your ute, a few simple and modestly priced modifications can do you the world of good. For many in the trades industry, having essentially a mobile workshop attached to their vehicle is a must have in order to get the job done right. Many trade folks, sole proprietors, and handymen use utility vehicles (utes) for both transportation and work. With a few additions, you can have your ute working better and more efficiently for you. 

A hugely popular addition is a ute toolbox, added to the back, or even to the under body, of a ute. the major advantage of a ute is it’s mobility, and commercial ute toolboxes will mean that your whole workstation is now much more portable as well. There are a variety of sizes available for extra storage in your vehicle, from storing bulky tools to roof racks for hauling lumber and ladders.

If you’re looking for something a bit more robust, or just larger, then perhaps a ute canopy is more your speed. A large ute canopy, covering the whole of the back, can hold large or bulky equipment safely and securely. Aluminium is a great choice for both toolboxes and ute canopies; it’s a stronger and more durable alternative to fibreglass, and many come with optional powder coating to increase toughness and water resistance. The coating comes in a variety of colours to match your own personal branding if desired. 

Utility vehicles aren’t just for standard modifications. Most tools will fit in toolboxes, but non standards items might need something more specialised. If you use your ute for deliveries or holdings, then accessories like gas bottle holders could be a great addition to your arsenal. No matter what you choose to add, a stylish, functional aluminium accessory can add that much more to your ute, your workshop, and your business.