Fridge Stylin’

Do you ever look at photos of fridge interiors, and dream wistfully of your own fridge being so well organised? Do you even look at photos of fridge interiors to begin with? No? Well, evidently you haven’t spent much time checking out #whatsinmyfridge. It’s not all amazing – in fact, be prepared for the occasional downright eyesore – but some of it’s worthy of #inspo status and makes me want to up my fridge game.

The first step, it seems, is having everything in bowls or lovely glass containers with bamboo lids. That means no 32-piece packs of cheap plastic boxes, which are surely leaching weird synthetic chemicals into all your leftovers. It also means having nothing in commercial packaging, unless it’s locally made kimchi, French butter or a trendy brain optimisation powder that needs to be stored in the original packaging. Clear glass mason jars of beautifully executed DIY ferments and preserves are, of course, allowed, as are abundant piles of loose vegetables.

Next is creating easy-access servings of healthy snacks. For weight loss or building lean muscle, these might be lightly steamed florets of broccoli stored next to some homemade hummus. All that’s needed is a drizzle of olive oil, which is waiting on your counter in a stylish glass decanter (no labels allowed, naturally), and you’re good to go. Or maybe some plant-based protein balls in a little bowl. I’d be inclined to cover the bowl with a saucer, but that doesn’t seem to be the done thing, at least not if you’re going for maximum visual impact.

You’ll sometimes see fridge posts from people who seem to be a highly orchestrated weight loss meal plan. Delivery of frozen meals might sound out of line with this whole aesthetic, but it kind of works visually when the portions are neatly stacked on one side of the fridge, and the rest of the space filled with loose fresh produce.

The whole fascination for me is really just the orderly arrangement – I could swear there are conscious decisions about colour palettes going on in some of these photos. Maybe it’s unrealistic to aspire to that, but I just can’t stop looking.