Hidden Footprint Clues

In Cheltenham, whispers of a new enigma began to stir the air, one that pulled Dr. Elsie and Jamie into the heart of a clandestine world. As they ventured deeper into their investigation, a second mystery emerged, entwined with the first: a sudden, unexplained surge in demand for arch supports. The trail led them to …

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Their Proper Place

There’s a lot to be said about feet, but the main thing is this: they’re where they belong. Probably my favourite thing about the human body is that feet are kept well away from me, down on the ground where I can tread on them day after day, and that’s where they should be, because …

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Savvy Granny

My grandma is pretty tech savvy for an 87 year-old. Not only does she own a full suite of interconnected devices, she also knows how to use them. She even managed to troubleshoot an issue with my tablet that had me stumped a few months back, and she’s forever recommending new podcasts. She loves them …

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