Maybe this is news to precisely no one, but it’s just occurred to me that today’s offices would be completely unrecognisable to someone from a century ago. According to my calculations, that means the offices of 100 years from now – assuming we’re still around by then – will be completely different again.  Why? Because …

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Illusion of Order

I’m sure there’s a science to office design, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out. As someone who’s worked across seven different offices in as many years (yeah, I realise that doesn’t look good on my resume), I’m better positioned than most to have gained some insights into this. And yet, …

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So Many Styles

I mean, the business going so well is the reason we’re able to call in the Melbourne based office fitout companies so often, but it needs to stop at some point. We started with regular cubicles, but then they were all torn out because “open plan offices are the future!”, but after a couple of …

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