Best Bathroom Design

I’m a young professional, a bit younger than your average, and I’m looking to buy myself an apartment. Because of unfortunate circumstances at home, I don’t think I can live here with my family much longer. I would have to move out a bit sooner than I originally planned, but that’s fine. Life is unpredictable but luckily I can afford to move out because of my job.

I’ve been looking at some older homes that I can live in for a few years whilst I get established. I will knock the house down eventually and build a big family home, but that’s my ten-year plan. So it means I would have to live in this fixer-upper for the next ten years before I could change anything. That’s why I’m being very particular about what I find important in a home. For example, I’m looking for houses that have had the best bathroom renovations possible. I’d prefer not to live in a house with an old and ugly bathroom, so if the current owners have done up the bathroom, I’m more likely to buy the place.

I don’t need anything special in terms of the living room and bedroom space, but a decent bathroom and kitchen is an absolute necessity. Even though I would spend more time in my living room and bedroom than my bathroom, I think bathrooms need to be in better shape than regular living areas. I think it’s probably because you get clean in a bathroom, and I really like being clean. I will pay more for a good bathroom design. Melbourne is the most livable city in the world, but it’s also extremely expensive. If I want to live here, I’m going to need to invest properly. 

Being young, I’m worried that people will be able to take advantage of me. I just have to remind myself that I’m able to afford a house because of how hard I’ve worked.