Javelin through windows

I know Javelin throwing isn’t the most common sport in the world. I didn’t care that it wasn’t popular, I was good at it and I enjoyed the sport. I was completely in love with my new found favourite activity and no one could tell me otherwise. My parents had tried to convince me to …

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Gotta Get Tinted!

Personally I am ALL about buying things when people tell me to buy them. This is why, after driving past that billboard on the way to work all of once, I’m ready to buy that thing. I know I have to drive forty minutes to work and the billboard is right at the end, but …

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Alas, No Magic!

Alright, I finally give up on my quest! I’ve searched, I have searched, and I’ve double searched, but it seems like Melbourne doesn’t have a single magic shop. I told myself that this realm couldn’t possibly be devoid of the mystic arts, but three visits to novelty joke shops later and I’m starting to see …

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