Window Frosting Checkmate

Toby felt a surge of excitement fill the meeting room. The council of wizards were buzzing, motivated by the thought of installing the window decorations. Ever since the dawn of time, the goblins had been a despised acquaintance. Their superior knowledge of enchantments was acknowledged by many of the senior wizards, but also a point …

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Tinty’s New Views

Every window tells a story. But, as I soon found out, not every story is created equal. After my pleasant stint at the suburban home, I was pulled away for a fresh assignment. I felt the cool touch of adhesive and found myself stretched over the window of a car. I was mobile, racing down …

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Javelin through windows

I know Javelin throwing isn’t the most common sport in the world. I didn’t care that it wasn’t popular, I was good at it and I enjoyed the sport. I was completely in love with my new found favourite activity and no one could tell me otherwise. My parents had tried to convince me to …

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