Window Frosting Checkmate

Toby felt a surge of excitement fill the meeting room. The council of wizards were buzzing, motivated by the thought of installing the window decorations. Ever since the dawn of time, the goblins had been a despised acquaintance. Their superior knowledge of enchantments was acknowledged by many of the senior wizards, but also a point of hurt pride.

It didn’t help ease the alliance that the goblins were prone to bouts of pranking. Their mischievousness and hurtful superiority were only exacerbated by the fact that many of the goblins would schedule four-hour meetings with the council. If the new frosted window glass could be used to deter them from visiting, reminding them of their fear of dragons, then most of the wizards would be on board.

“Quiet down,” the head wizard spoke, standing up. His face was stern. “Are we to believe that some frosted glass will deter the goblins? Have you all gone mad?”

Toby’s heart sank. “If it’s decorative glass…”

“The goblins aren’t the brightest, but they will catch up. Not even a real dragon could deter them from annoying us.” The head wizard shook his head. “It doesn’t justify the costs of a commercial window tinting company. Melbourne is full of dragon trinkets, yet the goblins still wander the streets.”

A couple of other wizards murmured in agreement. Toby couldn’t believe his plans had been thwarted so soon. He needed to come up with a new plan soon.

“The windows might deter a few of the goblins,” Toby clicked his tongue. An idea popped into his head. “Besides, it will greatly improve our alliance with the vampires.”

“The vampires?” The head wizard was intrigued. Toby knew that the council believed vampires to be the ‘cool’ creatures of the magic world, but were yet to be let into their tightly-knit clique.

“Commercial solar tinting could remove the UV light coming into the office, keeping them safe during the day. They could work alongside us.” Toby quietly added to himself: “And finally cool down the office when you won’t let us run the air conditioner.”