Heating up ice cream

A homemade ice store located in the heart of Canberra has found itself in hot water after their industrial heating stopped working. Early yesterday morning, the Stanley brothers, Mike and Harry, found their entire wares of ice cream “frozen into solid rocks of sadness and lost money,” stated Harry.

The two decided to start a “homemade ice factory” in their Canberra home after finding the depths of Winter needed some cheer. Making use of their unusually cold house, the two went into business for themselves, selling ice for $0.30 per kg. “It was the best thing we ever did,” said Mike. “I was the brains and Harry was the brawn, and we made a small fortune selling ice. Don’t ever tell anyone they can make it themselves.” The transition to ice confectionery was a natural one. The brothers have always had a sweet tooth and were keen to try their hand at artisanal frozen delights. Climate control was an important part of the process in making sure the kitchen was not too cold or too warm to work with their ingredients. Gas heating was essential in the Winter months as ice cream tends to go wrong if temperatures are ideal during the setting process. With favourable reviews and a growing list of happy customers, the team were set to expand the business into a chain of shops selling their delicious goods at reasonable prices.

This streak of luck stopped Sunday morning when the two found “a horror show,” after their central heating had ceased working during the night. “We scrambled to save the ice cream, but it just kept on slipping through our fingers,” reports Harry. “The humanity.” Once ice cream gets too cold, small icicles form and ruin the texture of the product.

An emergency call to a Canberra based heater repairs company was made, and “the cavalry came in a not long after that.” Once the heater was fixed, the ice cream production slowly started to increase again. “We had the team take care of the solid ice, and sweep the liquid away, then we got back onto the task at hand.”

The Stanley brothers have vowed to continue on their homemade treats quest, further resolved by their unfortunate turn of events. “We know that we wouldn’t be standing here, dry and in business, were it not for the good men and women who repaired our gas heating.”