Freezing During Winter

Okay, so I’ve been feeling extremely guilty about how much I used my heater in autumn. I pretty much used my entire year’s allowance before winter even started and now listening to the news and everything, I can see how much of a negative impact that has made on the planet. Because of this, I’ve …

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Comforting Gas Heater

When my eldest daughter was in grade five, my family and I uprooted our life in Melbourne to move to Canberra for my husband’s new job. Moving four daughters, two dogs and ourselves to another state was a mammoth and at times, sad task, but we did it and have lived in Canberra ever since. …

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Heating up ice cream

A homemade ice store located in the heart of Canberra has found itself in hot water after their industrial heating stopped working. Early yesterday morning, the Stanley brothers, Mike and Harry, found their entire wares of ice cream “frozen into solid rocks of sadness and lost money,” stated Harry. The two decided to start a …

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