Hot Bag Scoops?

This case is testing my mental skills!

I been hinting this mystery girl all around Melbourne, always arriving too late, like I’m under some journalistic curse, ! I bust in on the scene and there’s a bunch of bad guys nursing cracked ribs and handcuffed to posts for the police to pick up. I guess the biggest question besides who this mystery vigilante actually IS would be where she’s getting all the handcuffs. 

I gotta pay the bills, so here I am reporting on the latest DuMesque red carpet movie and some woman waving around a black leather bag. You know, for a magazine with a niche appeal like Leather Carpet: Handbags of the Stars, they pay pretty well. Almost wish they didn’t, so I wouldn’t have to go to the latest big action flick with all the other paparazzi and try to get a shot of some beautiful dame and her handbag. Gotta tell ya, the other paparazzi do not like me. They’re all just jealous of Scoop McGee, ace reporter, and they wish they could go as far as me to blow a story wide open!

Also I might of broken the paparazzi code and written a few hot scoops…about the paparazzi. Oh, you better believe that I blew that story wide open!

So anyway, these handbags. Now I got the shots, I gotta write a couple of thousand words about handbags, slouch bags, and ya know, it don’t really matter what I write. But I’m Scoop Mcgee! I gotta make everything I write the best thing I ever wrote. So I look into bags, what they’re called, what they feel like, what the different varieties are, what colour is hot this season…and nobody reads it because they’re lookin’ at the pictures.

A guy’s gotta try? It pays the bills. I’m gonna find that vigilante and press them into an interview, just you wait! Gonna get myself an exclusive with the hottest piece of news in the city!

-Scoop Mcgee