The Last Straw

Well, there’s Sandrine on leave again. We should’ve seen this coming, because she was actually doing a lot of the same things as last time. The only difference is that she was burning herself out by acting nice, and actually being helpful and productive, so it’s a shame that she worked so hard. She got a bit erratic in the last few days, and the smile really did look like it’d been programmed onto her face. It was clearly the stress of trying to be a different, much nicer person.

I think the last straw was Damien, pushing things too far as per usual. He has this idea that he HAS to compile a list of car servicing centres Bendigo residents can trust. I don’t know, I think he grew up mechanic parents, so now he doesn’t trust anyone except the place where he used to get his car servicing done before he moved to Melbourne. Also, he’s a notorious slacker.

Sandrine is running herself ragged trying to be nice to everyone, and there’s Damien trying to stretch things by saying that he’ll be in late, due to having to go all the way to Bendigo to assess the car air conditioning regas options on offer there.

Like, is that a thing, or is he just skiving off? I looked it up, and apparently it’s a thing, but it doesn’t need to be done that often and we’re just moving into winter, so Damien can’t possibly be implying that he needs it done right away. The weather just cooled!

Anyway, Damien just said that to Sandrine like she’d be totally okay with it, all casual. She considered it for a very long time, with that frozen smile, before turning on her heel and walking out the door like a robot. I hope Damien had fun with his Bendigo auto mechanic, because he might have ruined the best thing that ever happened to our office. Maybe Sandrine just needs a bit of rest? Let’s hope.